Forty-Fiver Holds

Zero Waste, handmade wooden climbing holds

made in Poland

We are a two person operation based in Poland. One of us is a woodwork aficionado, while the other one is trying to climb hard and spends all of his training time on a homemade cellar woodie with wooden holds. Put the two together and you get Forty-Fiver.

Why wood? There are plenty of plastic holds available on the market, however, we believe there are a bunch of reasons why everyone should consider climbing on wood, or mixing them with resin holds.

1) You will save your skin - multiple sessions on a board with resin holds will ruin your skin. This has always been our problem, which disappeared as soon as we started training on wood. After a week of training in the cellar, we're still good to go climbing on rock. One thing to consider though is saving a few plastic holds for skin conditioning and warm-ups. 

2) Finger strength - there's no doubt that training on a woodie you develop a different kind of strength. You tend to pinch much more often, engage the thumb a lot, and squeeze with all the fingers, as opposed to only pulling downwords, as you do with plastic holds.  

3) Flexibility in hold making - if  I need a particular hold for a crux replica I hit the shop and make one as close to the original as I can. Do you need a specific hold for you replica? Talk to me!

4) Last but not least, basic wooden boards have been used by the strongest, legendary climbers for years. So, why not build your own board in the cellar, back yard or just a snatch-board with skin friendly and esthetically pleasing holds, and get super strong yourself?

Every hold me make is unique, depending on the piece of wood we put our hands on. Aside from individual holds we've made series but we don't machine make them and if you are interested in getting an exactly identical pair we're probably not the people you want to talk to. But we do our best to make all climbers happy--give us a try.

We make wooden climbing holds from hard wood, and so far we have worked with ash and beech. However, we have got oak and acacia coming--beautiful, yellowish timber - anyone interested? We don't shy away from experimenting with various types of wood and we are not dogmatic about it. If I like it on my woodie, I know it will work for other cellar dwellers.

We source our material locally and ecologically. We believe it's important not to be wasteful, to operate in a sustainable manner, and to help local economy. The wood we use is obtained locally, from a lumber mill (literally, a 5 minute drive away). They provide us with hard wood cutoffs and we never have any trees felled specifically for our production. 

We like to think of ourselves as Zero Waste hold makers. We use all, even the least attractive pieces of wood, and turn them into our GLITCH SERIES holds. More info on them, HERE

We custom make our holds.  We started off with the idea of making holds for my woodie, holds that would make me stronger and at the same time be gentle to the skin, allowing for multiple training days without ruining my fingers. So, rest assured, we won't make you a hold I wouldn't put up on my board. 

If you like what you see in the gallery, shoot me an email and I'll see what we can do for you.