One-20 Series

I don't think many people make pine wood holds. Even though pine is fairly stiff, resistant to shrinking and responds well to humidity it really has gotten the raw end of the deal. It's all because this type of wood is softer than hardwood varieties and typically associated with the world of construction

Why then make a Forty-Fiver One-20 hold set? It's a unique set made of a pine plank that's at least 120 years old, and back in the day they dried wood naturally. Consequently, the wood was soaked with hardened resin, giving it more weight and and resistance to wear and tear. Also, you can't go past the fact that the One-20 set is pleasing to the eye with its natural patterns and grains.

We've been testing One-20 holds on our board and the results have been great. Granted, over time pine will eventually succumb to wear but I hope we all live to see this day and can get your set refurbished.

In short, with this set you're getting:

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